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The spot

An exposed dune top on the northern tip of Texel, clamped between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. That’s where you find the Texel lighthouse, adjacent to a scattering of former workers homes. Here you can really experience what wind force 6 feels like!

The view

You are standing at 47 meters above sea level.

The blasted tower

In 1945, the lighthouse was under heavy fire. You can still see the bullet holes because the old blasted tower still stands within the new outer lighthouse walls. You can walk between the walls to see them..

Icon for Texel

You find the lighthouse in the logo of countless Texel companies. The striking tower is truly an icon for the island.

Winding staircase

The spiral staircase and mezzanine floors are as old as the tower itself: they were built in 1864. This piece of workmanship from riveted steel breathes the atmosphere of the industrial revolution.

The light

The lighthouse lamp is relatively small: a large 30-centimeter light bulb. A combination of lenses gives the beam direction and strength. Because the lamp must still shine every night, you are not allowed to visit the light chamber.