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Welcome to the Texel lighthouse

Practical information
Masterpiece: The view
Masterpiece: The light

A view for everyone

Wonderful, you reached the top. Now you can enjoy the view at an altitude of 47 meters. Did you know that the Texel lighthouse is the only one in the Netherlands where you can see the sea from three directions? Directly on the most dangerous sea arm in the Netherlands. With clear skies, looking across the Wadden Sea World Heritage, you see Vlieland, Wieringen, Den Helder and with some fantasy, looking over the North Sea towards England and the North Pole...

Story: 1960 / Spot on the lighthouse keepers
Masterpiece: The blasted tower
Story: 1945 / War in a war
Masterpiece: Icon for Texel
Masterpiece: The spot
Story: 1864 / Kikkert’s struggle
Masterpiece: Winding staircase

Welcome to the Texel lighthouse